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The ceremony uncovered with AC / DC, recognized for their occult connections. Amongst their tunes executed was "Street to Nightmare" whilst some folks of the viewers including Kate Perry can be noticed carrying purple horns..!

About them of horns later in the show we noticed Madonna execute "Residing for Enjoy." I arrived across almost everything relatively disturbing. While undertaking, Madonna was donning black and crimson. These colors normally symbolise Satanism for the reason that dim presents off no mild whilst pink is the very best shade in the chakra system.

The inventors bordering her dressed in dark employed horns, symbolizing and linked with the occult'Horns of Moloch.' The tune concluded in what appeared to be a dark ritual.As exposed on the symbol amongst the recurring attributes in that Grammy was the colour purple. Kate Perry had purple hair whilst a speaker pink lipstick. Ushers employed purple fits... then there is the adorning illumination that has been the very same color. This was maybe not opportunity as I will clarify.

Drastically, Gwyneth Paltrow utilized a red costume and ll great n a blue fit. In the occult red and orange presents the pillars symbolizing the 2 various sides. Merge equally pillars (purple and blue) and you Grammy awards reside stream purple. Purple ergo represents the mixing of opposites Baphomet or, the delivering together of guy and tools transhumanism... metal and clay the serpent's seed.

The simple fact that Gwyneth Paltrow and ll amazing n are dark and white persons this also suggests the symbolising of opposites.To total the Hegelian dialectic the ceremony that uncovered with "Freeway to Hell" ends in Beyonce clearly singing a gospel tune: By way of the disguise it had been mentioned that she sang about the lord Satan! Like I explained early in the working day, concealed goal could be the name of the recreation.

The stage's system was produced considering that the Masonic checkerboard. Including Beyonce we see Masonic give gestures. Beyonce generate a Masonic signal for the Masons letting them understand that Lucifer is seeing...Don't get me improper listed here there are several very good people who are Freemasons, but many have no notion what is actually actually arranging on in relation to the occult techniques carried out in the direction of the best of their hierarchical tree.

We see more Masonic gestures and the fellas that follow play in regards to the coming of a non secular actual physical conflict and how wonderful the good results can be.The rub to all or any that is loud and distinct.As properly as other sectors these preventing the tunes sector overtly display screen their occult symbolism as insignia to allow us know who they are, that they are in to occult praise with the satanic philosophy.

"Grammy" is Grammys live stream online free for "Gramophone" and the real Grammy Awards given out every year are modeled next prototypical report player.Recognize I didn't get in touch with it a prototypical "phonograph." The phonograph and the gramophone, even though equivalent, had been various types. Including to the confusion, between the two was a personal computer gadget called the "graphophone."