The Snows Of Disbelief The Fiction Of Our Times

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"You've got to be kidding!" snapped. "Are they actually pulling someone over in this weather?" We were showing signs of fatigue. As we passed by we saw that the truck and the strobe lights of the Highway Patrol vehicle were pointed towards the fields below.

Highway 64 runs east and west and is the easiest way to get from Chattanooga, TN to Murphy, Hayesville and the Casino in Cherokee, NC. Crews are not only blasting rock and removing it from the site, they are trying to stabilize the mountain, "trying" is the operative word. The folks who live in Ducktown and Copper Hill, TN are basically cut off from civilization. The small towns are now ghost towns, but that is a future Olympic event and is still in the planning stages.

Geminis are the original multi-taskers. They can eat, drink, read the newspaper, shave, or apply make-up all while driving, although this is NOT recommended, even if you're a Gemini. It's the sign of the twins; while one is driving the other co-pilots.

traffic pile The state work crews had placed signs out on I-35 at about the Hydraulic exit in the south part of the city warning of this accident. The state work crews had trucks out directing people to move over to the right hand lane to make an exit along any of the three exits from Harry to Kellogg.

One evening, I set up the Ouija board. It did not come with any instructions. There was simply a board and a little piece with a viewing window called a planchette. According to the picture, each person is supposed to lightly place their fingers on this planchette and allow it to move where it will across a board that has all 26 letters, the numbers 0-9, the words yes and no, and the word good-bye. I had a pad of paper nearby and a pen. As lightly as I could, I placed my fingers on the planchette. I could indeed feel a force moving the planchette. At times, the planchette shot all over the board; however, I never could get any of the letters to form words. I was simply getting nonsense words instead.

The main reason for this is that it is status quo to drive a normal car, live in a regular house with neighbors who like you for how you are and because you are just like everybody else, you live a happy life.

They're homebodies, and consider the roadway of drivers their extended family. But they're a moody group, and would be the ones to honk at you for no reason at all.

It was a rhetorical question and yet it begged for hope. I was trance-like, amazed that I would be so favored as to have this man pour out his story to me. My whole vision of TellingTouch, its mission, came crawling up my back. "These are the real stories of life--these are the Tellings--this is why you have created TellingTouch. These stories need to be heard." I was listening with my soul now. I stared at Ron. I wanted to cry. I wanted to thank him for his taking time to tell me his story. I wanted to make it all better, but I couldn't. I could only embrace this tremendous compassion and let it settle in my soul.