The Snows Of Disbelief The Fiction Of Our Times

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Have you ever known of a child who talks about having invisible friends? They may not be invisible to them. Watch young children, dogs, and cats suddenly look directly at something that we cannot see. They say that dogs and cats can see spirits. I believe many young children can see spirits as well - until it gets socialized out of them.

You need to stop being afraid of success. One of things I've noticed lately about both younger and older business owners is that they seem to be a little timid when it truly comes to being successful.

Here is the update. You just never know when the wind will change and all of a sudden what you thought was important before, doesn't even matter anymore.

After sitting in stopped traffic for an hour I decided that I would call out of work and return home. I turned around to come home and saw multiple downed powerlines, and trees that had broken from the heavy wind and rain that had fallen into the roadways. I observed another fender-bender on my way home, but again no one was injured. This time traffic was not stopped as the cars had been able to move out of the road. I was very glad to return home and thankfully we had enough groceries to do us for a few days in case we couldn't get back out to the grocery store.

When we got hit twice within the last two weeks with a few inches of snow here in the Tennessee Valley there was a lot of dancing going on - unfortunately it was more like the electric slide mixed with line dancing when trying to stay out of harms way on Interstate 75. There was a 20 traffic pile up and a smaller 12 traffic pile in my area and hundreds of accidents on the slick mountain roads. You had to do a quick two-step to stay ahead of the mess. You don't get extra points for a triple Axel unless it involves more than two vehicles.

After the incident, Michael Andretti, son of Mario and owner of the Andretti Autosport team, revealed to ESPN that Mr. had just signed a multi-year contract to replace Danica Patrick on their team in the car.

The car wheels spun as I tried to get out of the snow. I kept thinking the storm would pass. I got back out of the car and started down the road, thinking I would see someone who could help me out. The wind roared through the trees and I thought of A Three Day Blow, then the road of pines the girl and the man walked down in Up In Michigan. I trudged on thinking of the lone camper in Big Two Hearted River and how he saw no one for days and the utter loneliness of the landscape. There were no houses anymore, just snow and the forest and I turned back and returned to the car.