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"You've got to be kidding!" Heather snapped. "Are they actually pulling someone over in this weather?" We were showing signs of fatigue. As we passed by we saw that the truck and the strobe lights of the Highway Patrol vehicle were pointed towards the fields below.

Sense and Sensibility - I think this is her darkest book, but you'll get a lot out of it. I see many parallels between this book and Becoming Jane. xuong san xuat so da is an exceptional heroine, her strength and resolve is inspiring. For a movie choice, I cast my ballot with Emma Thompson's version. She takes some liberties with the stories, but good ones. She edited parts out with utmost care and added a bit here and there to enhance the audience's understanding of this complex novel.

Geminis are the original multi-taskers. They can eat, drink, read the newspaper, shave, or apply make-up all while driving, although this is NOT recommended, even if you're a Gemini. It's the sign of the twins; while one is driving the other co-pilots.

traffic pile Virgos have a nervous attention to detail. They made the cover of the Car Carma book. They'd be slamming their brakes on to avoid hitting a squirrel, but cause a 10 car pile-up.

"Well, Sweety, thank you for listening to this old man's story. Now you be sure and check in with the Highway Patrol before you head out of town." He rose from his chair to leave.

Number two is a great hole; it's another short one, but requires some strategy off the tee. It plays over a short but prominent pond, with a second pond coming into play short and right of the green. The green itself is enormous, with plenty of undulation to deal with once you get there. Hansard didn't have to worry about that. Trying to stay true to his nickname "Eagle boy", he rattled the pin from about a hundred out, leaving a kick-in birdie. It was tough to determine which was the better show - the beautiful golf shot, or the flailing "I got robbed" dance Hans did after his approach failed to disappear. In either event, he reclaimed the lead after a failed up-and-down on my end.

The 15th hole is officially my nemesis. The tee shot requires golfers to hit into a drastically up-sloping fairway that doglegs quickly to the right. If you survive that test, the reward is a completely blind shot into an elevated green that I can never seem to find. I managed to be a flop shot away after two, not a bad effort considering my track record on this one. But if it isn't one thing, it's another. After failing to find Hansard's bombing tee ball, he played a provisional that wound up short. It was looking like my one-stroke lead was about to grow heading into the final stretch - until his original tee ball appeared some 30 feet off the green. He used the opportunity to roll in another birdie, while I managed just another bogey. So dissipated my lead.

Mario Andretti, 71, is the only driver to ever win the Indianapolis 500, the Daytona 500, and the Formula 1 World Championship. He won four IndyCar titles and is the last American racer to win the Formula 1 Championship (1978).