Are You New To Web Design Here Is Some Great Advice

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Do you think that if you build a website then you will get loads of visitors, or if you get a designer to build a website then even more will arrive? How about registering loads of URLs with the keywords in the titles and pointing them all at your new website?

This is the big mistake and the one that costs loads of time in development and ends up making the site look far inferior to what it could have been. Everyone you ask will have their own views, their own ideas and their own input.

Don't make it too complicated - keep it simple. You don't want to lose the client even before you have met with them. Get to the most important questions first, then elaborate later at the meeting itself.

Send off the client questionnaire, either by fax, email or regular post. This will play an important part of your first meeting. Be sure to send this over ahead of the meeting - the sooner the better. Explain to the client the purpose and benefits of having them complete this questionnaire.

5) You have a poor website design. Have you ever clicked onto a website only to be immediately unimpressed and clicked straight off again? of colour on the website is not only important for the visual appeal of the website design but also for usability of the website. Lack of contrast between the background and colour and the font colour on the website can make the font difficult to read and have a negative effect on the usability of the website. It is important to keep the colour scheme in mind when designing your web site. One of the popular principles in Web design suggests that you should not use more than three colours in the design of your website.

Once you have enough information in order to put together your proposal and quote, then thank the client for their time, give them an indication of when they'll be hearing back from you, and be on your way. A good time saver may be a note taker. Ive found its easier to simply record the meeting then play it back later, upon returning to the office. Note takers are relatively cheap, in and around $100.

Also, make sure that the information that the customer needs is there. Make sure that links they might need are in the right places. Just dropping all of the links across the top or down the left isn't the best idea. When they read to the bottom of the page, given them the next links there.