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Weber genesis grill components are broadly readily available from various suppliers. And in 2020, 29% of our variety will be electrified, 50% in 2021 and 100% in 2025, so we step-up in a extremely methodic way in a extremely, quite focused way with a high level of rigor from our teams, fully leveraging the two multienergy platforms that we have designed in order to adapt to a very uncertain future in terms of mix of sales.
We continue to invest our R&D system with $7 million in the second quarter of 2019 compared with USD five.3 million in second quarter of 2018 and USD 11.eight million invested by way of the initially six months of 2019 compared with USD 8.9 million in the exact same period a year ago.
According to the data reported by the China Association of Automobile Producers, in the second quarter of 2019, unit sales of the commercial automobiles declined by 1.eight% in April of 2019, down by 11.8% in May possibly and down by 17.eight% in June. As Toyota Caves To Stress And Adds CarPlay To New Models talked about last quarter, we are operating challenging to diversify our enterprise inside the test and measurement space, lowering our overall exposure to ground car development markets over the longer term.
This tends to make OEM parts suitable for cars that are three to 4 years or older. Owners of a variety of car brands will effortlessly locate on our site spare components they need to have. Given that counterfeiting is generally of the OEM's intellectual property, in addition to eating into the aftersales of the car or truck manufacturer, it could also spoil the automobile and endanger the life of the owner.
Doubt it. Braking efficiency with the comparatively cheapskate aftermarket parts is incredibly very good much far better than I anticipated. If Edited Transcript Of BESI.AS Earnings Conference Call Or Presentation 20 sort our catalogue by "Brand" category, you will see complete list of readily available Mitsubishi vehicle all Mitsubishi auto components you will see title, description, price tag, availability and quantity of ship in days.