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Put some human personality in your site design. Find ways to incorporate things like company images, client testimonials, and media quotes. These touches give some personality to your site. As well, they can build up your brand's expertise in the eyes of the visitor, which is very important in helping you build a loyal customer base.

Contact information should be visible in a prominent place of the website and be clearly visible. It instills confidence in your visitors. This is particularly important for an e-commerce website that sells products on the site. It is advisable to have your contact information on every page instead of hiding it from customers who visit your web site.

Of course, from there it gets more complicated when you add menus, java scripts, flash videos etc. But that take away from your understanding of what it is fundamentally, i.e. a document just like in a word processor.

Also, make sure that the information that the customer needs is there. Make sure that links they might need are in the right places. Just dropping all of the links across the top or down the left isn't the best idea. When they read to the bottom of the page, given them the next links there.

The first paragraph of your content is extremely important. On the Internet, people have very little attention span. If you cannot capture their attention within the first 3 to 8 seconds, they are going to leave your site for your competitors. So first impression is crucial and this is why you should work on your headline, sub headline and the first paragraph of every page. And you should place important keywords in the headline and first paragraph of the content to score more search engine relevancy points.

5) Have some beauty sleep. It is essential to prepare yourself before having someone take your photo. Getting enough rest the night before is important. If you lack sleep and you're tired, it will show through your face.

Try and find a designer who specialises in Web design for bands - they are more likely to have specialist knowledge and can build a website which fits in with your specifications. They will probably be able to suggest features that will benefit you too.

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