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"Denied. It really is currently receiving late, so I am taking you home now."

"Objection, judge!"

"You don't have permission to speak!"

Chiaki sighed. "You are terrible!"

Seiji countered all of Chiaki's unreasonable requests and took her residence.

Chiaki lived in an extravagant apartment totally on a various degree from Seiji's. Seiji would not even be able to enter except if he had a card or could pass a retina scan.

The silver-haired girl stepped up to the apartment's front gate ahead of she turned about and smiled at Seiji.

"Thank you so a lot for accompanying me tonight."

Seiji scratched his encounter. "Do you require to be so formal? You are generating me really feel awkward."

Chiaki chuckled. "Really, I wanted to make you embarrassed on objective. You are so cute like this~"

"I'm going back now. Have a good evening." Seiji decisively turned close to and waved.

"Will not! No escaping I was not finished talking nevertheless!" Chiaki grabbed on to his hand.

"What else is there?"

Seiji heard a light swishing sound. The silver-haired lady untied her red hairband and allow her prolonged hair cascade down her slim shoulders.

This scene felt familiar to Seiji as he'd witnessed similar scenes in animes before. Even he was forced to admit that Chiaki's present look was quite stunning.

Chiaki was basically returning to her regular hairstyle, but due to her current clothing and her sophisticated movements, she exuded a specific type of charisma.

"This... I'm offering it to you." Chiaki placed her red hairband in Seiji's hand.


"This was the 1st existing that Haruka ever gave me, but now... I do not need to have it any longer," Chiaki stated with a severe expression.

Seiji failed to come up with a ideal reply.

"That is why I'm giving it to you! You can do whatever you like with it: throw it away, give it to somebody else, or... give it back to Haruka." Chiaki displayed an alluring smile.

Then she lastly turned all around.

"Which is all! Great evening, Seiji~"

"Wait a second! One thing so essential... is it truly fine to give this to me!? By the way, why are you offering it to me?"

'Shouldn't she be giving it to Mika if she needs to give it away?' Seiji was baffled by her sudden present.

Chiaki merely waved at him with her back turned and walked via her apartment's front gate without replying.

Seiji stood there stunned for a number of minutes before he lastly sighed and cautiously put away the red hairband.

He glanced at the apartment one particular more time prior to leaving.

This prolonged evening had lastly ended.


A new week, on Monday.

Seiji recounted final night's occurrences to Mika on the way to school.

He didn't mention the real explanation behind Haruka Shimizu's invitation. He only told her that Haruka wanted Chiaki to transfer colleges and be pals yet again, with no bringing up her request for Chiaki to get a depart of absence or something about danger.

Nor did he mention the red hairband.

That is because soon after Seiji reached his apartment and checked his method, he was shocked!

This [gift] gave him an excessively substantial amount of factors compared to normal! Innumerable feelings have to have been contained inside of this red hairband!

Just why did Chiaki give him one thing so critical to her? Seiji could not comprehend the explanation behind Chiaki's gift, but this certainly was not anything he ought to treat carelessly.

He decided not to tell Mika for the time becoming, not due to the fact he wanted to conceal it, but simply because he felt like he should not talk rashly prior to he deciphered the intentions behind Chiaki's gift.

As expected, Mika didn't believe also deeply about what Seiji informed her, and she accepted his phrases without having query.

"That individual... named Sasaki-san, he was slapped by Haruka then knocked out by you he would seem a minor pitiful."

"I was previously type enough to spare his life."

"Is that what you get in touch with kindness?" Mika's eyes had been getting to be unfocused.

"Do you want to behold how cruel I can genuinely be?" Seiji pretended to modify a pair of imaginary glasses.

"I never want to know..."

"How regrettable. You have missed an opportunity to see the globe for what it genuinely is."

"What does this have to do with the reality of the planet!?" Mika retorted forcefully.

Yep, right now there was a pleasant atmosphere as effectively.

At this point in time Seiji didn't assume what he was about to encounter following would be... rather unpleasant.

Right after reaching college, Seiji eliminated some enjoy letters from his shoe locker yet again, greeted Chiaki, and went to class together with the silver-haired lady and Mika.

Everything was typical.

For the duration of class time.

"Chiaki, what do you intend to do about Shimizu-san's request?" Seiji asked her when he met her in the hallway following using the bathroom.

To inform the reality, he would have preferred to request her what she wanted him to do with the red hairband... Nonetheless, he felt like she'd just inform him some excuse as it was not an acceptable time to however.

"About that... I have not made a decision... What do you think?" Chiaki asked him a query in return.

"Danger is only a probability, but taking a temporary leave of absence will indeed lower the chance to the minimal," Seiji explained firmly. "It really is just that if you get a leave of absence, even without contemplating how to apply for it, you may fall behind in lessons, you will not be capable to attend drama club, and you'll even miss the upcoming college festival..."

"Yeah, I know, so even even though it really is Haruka requesting me, I'm even now hesitating about it." Chiaki sighed. "I know she cares about me, and I want to acquiesce to her wish, but taking a depart of absence... That is a good deal to inquire for. I do not care about my classes as significantly, but as for drama club... If I get a depart of absence now, I'd truly feel negative for everyone in drama club. Besides, if I take a getaway by myself, I would come to feel like... I abandoned everybody else and escaped by myself."

Chiaki looked towards Seiji.

"What do you think I need to do?"

As she asked this, the conversation choices appeared-

A: [You ought to get a depart of absence so that Haruka can rest assured.]

B: [I can not make this selection for you.]

C: [Stay at school-I'll shield you no matter what transpires!]

Conversation possibilities appearing meant that this was an crucial response which would impact Chiaki's route... er, regardless of whether or not she would get a depart of absence from college.

Conversation choices would appear from time to time, but Seiji usually ignored them presently as he preferred answering with what he believed rather than answering insincerely in purchase to boost a girl's favorability rating.

As for what he favored this time, he thought option B was the very best, considering that he actually did not come to feel like he ought to make this kind of an crucial selection for Chiaki. But contemplating what may occur in the near future... he determined to make a conserve file for this stage in time.

If danger actually befell the school in the long term, he could return to this time and inform Chiaki option A in purchase to keep her safe.

Right after conserving, Seiji last but not least replied to Chiaki.

"I can't make this selection for you you have to determine on your own. Haruka and college are the two critical to you, so you should resolve to decide on the a single which is much more essential to you."

The program didn't give him a notification of improved favorability rating towards him this time.

If this was a dating sim rather of actual lifestyle, this would absolutely be the wrong selection. Choice C was obviously the right route... whoops, the proper option to increase favorability rating.

Chiaki smiled.

"I knew you would say that... You ought to have taken this chance to act awesome! You should've informed me to stay at college and guarantee to protect me. If you said that, I may well even fall in adore with you~"

Seiji chuckled. "Why do I need to have to make you fall in enjoy with me? You're generating it sound like I love to act awesome."

"Eh, you never~?"

"Of program not!"

Chiaki chuckled when she heard that.

Even although she did not acquire the reply she needed to hear, this felt a lot more like Seiji's fashion.

'He does not need to have to act awesome due to the fact he's presently great.'

The two of them returned to class following their conversation ended.

Auto Draft – Stellar Transformations Not lengthy after, the bell rang, signaling the beginning of the following class.

Just like always, the college students, the teachers, the lessons, the climate, and almost everything else was typical. It was a gorgeous sunny day outside, and the temperature was amazing and cozy. It was a day completely suited for taking a stroll outside.

Time passed just like this, and there was only 1 class remaining ahead of lunch.

Right ahead of class started, someone abruptly named Seiji.

When he checked his cell mobile phone, he noticed it was... Hoshi Amami!

"Hey, Amami." Seiji took the contact. "I heard you acquired a cold-how are you feeling now?"

There was no response on the other side.

"Amami?" Seiji furrowed his brows, sensing that something was wrong.

He nevertheless received no response.

"Hoshi Amami, is that you!? Say anything!" Seiji raised his voice.

"Senpai..." He finally obtained a response, in a voice he could barely hear. "...I am sorry."

Sorry? What did that mean?

Seiji suddenly had an ominous premonition.

"Hey, Amami, why are you apologizing!? Exactly where are you correct now!?" He stood up and started yelling.

His sudden motion and loud voice attracted all the other students' focus in the classroom.

The bell rang for class, and the teacher arrived at the classroom.

"Hoshi, solution me!!!"

Seiji's voice was now louder than the bell's ringing.

Virtually everybody jumped upon hearing him, and the elderly teacher almost dropped the textbook he was holding.