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The person you ask that just says 'It looks great, I'd buy from there' has done you a favour. But if you ask someone to review it and they start to suggest changes, then you are in for a long haul ride. Some of the biggest builds have been those built by committee where everyone in the company gets a say. They all want to see their input used and in the end the colour scheme is extended, flashing widgets are added and the design goes crazy.

Another thing that annoys me more than anything else; don't just use safe industry photos. Your industry will have a set of photos which everyone uses and thus all the sites blend together. They are normally the images that appear when you Google your industry and look at images. Stand out!

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If you use flash or large graphics, which take to long to load, most people leave without figuring out what your site is about. The attention span on the Net is short!

So when hiring a Web design company ask for a demonstration of the content management system, and ask how and if they will keep in touch on an ongoing basis.

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So, just what is a keyword? A keyword, or keyword phrase are words the someone would type into a search engine to find information about you, your company and services. These keywords are picked up by the search engines. The search engines then list the best sites related to that keyword information. Here's https://incatalogue.company/ : If your keyword selection is too broad, your site will get "lost in the sauce" with millions of other sites.