Website Design Considerations For Building Your Business

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The web is available everywhere, on different devices - mobile phones, tablets, notebooks - different internet browsers. Your site also needs to work properly when the text is resized, or when using a screen reader. Websites must be built to be dynamic - to resize, adapt and to degrade gracefully if need be. You cannot always guarantee that your visitors will have up-to-date software so your site will need to fit their capabilities.

Remember - has a conversion rate - it might be three in 100 people that visit the site, buy or enquire from you - if you increase that conversion rate by, say, 50%, you increase your website revenue by 50%! There are many ways of doing this - simply speak to a reputable website designer who will guide you with the right content.

Contact information should be visible in a prominent place of the website and be clearly visible. It instills confidence in your visitors. This is particularly important for an e-commerce website that sells products on the site. It is advisable to have your contact information on every page instead of hiding it from customers who visit your web site.

4) Look natural. When having your photo taken, a sincere smile is the best pose. No need to go for fancy poses or try to look like a model when you're not. A picture of you smiling plus a simple pose can help you draw people in.

You don't need to have Web design, coding or programming skills to produce a simple website design. There are plenty of free website design software products available, making building a website simple. You can also download free ready made website templates too with which you can make lots of changes including the text and adding pictures.

Choosing fort color is also very important in creating a good website. You can go with the classic black color or try using very dark shades of grey. It is always advisable to use white as background for content-based websites.

Another thing that annoys me more than anything else; don't just use safe industry photos. Your industry will have a set of photos which everyone uses and thus all the sites blend together. They are normally the images that appear when you Google your industry and look at images. Stand out!

This is our golden rule. When designing a new site you must have the visitor at the forefront of your mind and not just focus on flash designs and gadgets. Remember what you want to achieve with your site, if it is an ecommerce site you want people to buy, if it is a fan site you want people to become members. You must keep this in mind.