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First of all, I need to explain what "execution time" is. Simply put, execution time is time during which a program runs on your computer. During the execution time of, for example, an Internet browser, the application (Internet browser) is loaded into computer memory (RAM), and its requests are being processed (CPU).

As bad as pain can be sometimes, without it we would be in a heap of trouble. Small pains can usually be taken care of with natural treatments. Its treatment should be focused on a natural approach first.

Fourthly, Jesus was not referring to the rise of an organization or Christendom. He said that the kingdom of God is within us. Thus these parables refer to the action of the Kingdom within us. The kingdom grows within us, so that others can find shelter through our love for them.

A piston is like your leg... except it has no muscles. On it's own, it can't move up and down. So, the question is, "where/how/what gives the piston the energy to move up and down?" [www.wikiwat.com www.wikiwat.com] is where gasoline comes in. The piston slides up and down in a sealed cylinder, and when the piston reaches the top of the cylinder, the fuel is ignited, which creates an explosion. Because the piston is in a sealed cylinder, the explosion forces the piston down.

That's where the Registry kicks in. The program (Internet browser) can't recall data from the last execution time, unless they are saved somewhere. Even though the Registry isn't the only option (you can save things in files, remember?), they are one of the options for certain data.

And trust me, hell really hath no fury like a person who has said to yes to everyone else all of her life, leaving the needs of the self starved for attention.

The textbook explanation of pain is - an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage - hope I don't lose you here.

The problem stems from the fact that most people, including you and including me, have been socialized to be nice to others and not hurt them. However, we all have to make decisions, and your decisions are yours alone to make. If your decision might not sit well with the other person and you don't want to hurt or offend that person, you try to handle your internal conflict by explaining your decision. Explaining is natural and almost automatic.